Small Group Session

My private bespoke small group sessions are designed for a group of swimmers who are preferably at a similar level of experience to each other, although this isn't essential. Whether you have a swim buddy who you want to explore the beautiful wild water of Argyll with or a small "shoal" of friends who want to develop open water skills together, this session is for you. We can develop specific open water skills or go out of your comfort zone for a magical wild swim in the marine protected waters of Argyll, with qualified safety cover.

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For groups of 2-8 people. Price dependent on number of participants (progressively discounted up to 8)

Together we can work on any aspect of open water swimming that you want to improve on or simply enjoy a guided swim under RLSS qualified open water safety cover in a majestic wild setting. Designed for any level of swimmer, I can help complete beginners who want to start exploring the benefits of cold water therapy safely, outdoor dippers who want to take their open water swimming to the next level by learning efficient stroke technique, intermediate pool swimmers who want to develop the skills and techniques to make the transition to cold water swimming, or experienced or advanced open water swimmers who want to enhance their open water skills, stroke efficiency and performance for an event.

Sessions will typically last from 45 minutes to an hour, depending on weather conditions and the individuals. The session will include a theoretical based beginning and what I call a "soft start transition" on dry land before anything between 15 to 30 minutes in the water (could be longer, depending on the swimmer and conditions) followed by an integrated recovery on dry land and plenary