Family Sessions

Please note that Family Sessions are seasonal and delivered from May to August only. Send an enquiry to book. Price is dependant on the number of participants (progressively discounted per participant up to 5)

As a qualified Primary PE Specialist Teacher, I am passionate about children and young people experiencing the joys of swimming and wild water with confidence and responsibility. These sessions are designed to empower children (aged 8-16 years) with the knowledge and skills necessary to access and enjoy open water environments safely. Sessions will focus on how to prepare for cold water immersion, entering a body of water safely and what to do if they, or someone else, gets into difficulty when in the water.

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Family Sessions - up to 5 people (adults and children)

The session involves work on dry land and in the water, including interactive games and quizzes to reinforce and test knowledge on open water safety in a fun and engaging way.

By learning alongside each other (even if the parent already has some knowledge) in a more structured setting, both parent and child will develop confidence in each other's ability to be able to enjoy open water safely. Let's upskill and empower our children and young people to be responsible, confident and capable in wild water environments.


Sessions will typically last from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on weather conditions and the individuals. The session will include an interactive safety discussion, followed by what I call a "soft start transition" on dry land before spending approximately 10 minutes in the water (this will vary from swimmer to swimmer and may be shorter or longer) followed by an integrated recovery on dry land and plenary.