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Gaelic & Nature

As a nature based guide and coach in the heart of Earra-Ghàidheal , "coast of the Gael" (Argyll), I’m committed to a holistic understanding of our indigenous language, culture and interconnection with the wild environment. As I interact with nature daily in my work, I observe through the indigenous lens:

Gàidhlig fad an latha, a h-uile latha!

The sustainability of communities in the Highlands & Islands is absolutely rooted in the preservation and promotion of Gaelic. It defined our past, yet it has the potential to inform and even shape our future in a beautifully progressive way. As long as we nurture it. Just as we need to nurture the wild environment of Gaelic Scotland itself.

I’m excited to be collaborating with a variety of local businesses and organisations across Argyll, the Highlands and Islands this season who share or appreciate this vision.

By investing in these eco-conscious experiences, you’re not just investing in what I hope will be a memorable and inspiring activity or holiday. You’re also investing in the local Gaelic economy.

Keep an eye on my social media or see this link for more info on my range of exciting experiences, holidays and adventures on offer to book.

Click on the green button to book a private session within the Heart of Argyll area.

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